Free Drupal Best Practices and Training at NYC Camp from FFW

Free Drupal Best Practices and Training at NYC Camp from FFW

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juli 08, 2015

We’ve had a busy summer so far and the next stop on our whirlwind summer lineup is NYC Camp where we are proud lead partners. We hope you’ll join us at this Drupal based open source camp. It’s FREE and open to anyone who is interested in learning more about open source software. FFW will be holding a training and offering several sessions for a wide variety of skill levels and interests. Find which one works for you and register today. Be sure to stop by our table and say hello and register to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

Getting Started With Drupal - Full Day Free Training

Curious about this thing called Drupal? In this training you’ll learn the basics about how Drupal works, its terminology, and potential use cases and career paths for Drupal professionals. Register now

Best For: Site builders, Tech Pros, Career Switchers, or anyone who is curious about getting involved with Drupal but doesn't know where to start.

Disposable Environments for Each Git Branch - Session

We've all been in this situation: someone sends you a git pull request.  You read it, and it looks pretty good.  So you merge it, and deploy it to your dev environment.  Aaaaaaand it's broken. Avoid this situation and come learn about disposable environments with Team Lead, Matt Korostoff.

Best For: Architects, Dev Ops, Developers

I Survived Drupalgeddon - Session

This a comprehensive post-mortem of the Drupalgeddon SQL injection bug as experienced on a personal web sites of an FFW employee.  In this session Team Lead, Matt Korostoff, will explain, in-depth, how the SQL injection bug worked. He'll also demonstrate how this has been a good learning experience for our community, and things could have been a lot, lot worse.

Best For: Back End Developers, Content Managers, Dev Ops, Developers, Intermediate, Site Builders

Entities from Core to Custom - Session

Entities were introduced into Drupal with Drupal 7 and allow easy access to and manipulation of Core data. They power such contributed initiatives as the Media module and can be a powerful means of organizing data for custom modules. This session with Team Lead, Shawn Duncan, will give an overview of how Entities work in Drupal and how you can implement them in your code.

Best For:  Back End Developers

Move Over Vagrant, Hello Docker - Session

Docker is poised to revolutionize the way web applications are deployed and hosted. Docker lets us describe, isolate and deploy services more efficiently and consistently without all the complications of virtual machines and the overhead they consume.  Come see how we are using Docker to solve development environments with Solutions Architect, Leonid Makarov.

Best For:  Architects, Dev Ops, Developers

Register now for NYC Camp and come say hello at our table and sign up for a chance to win an $100 Amazon gift card.

Interested in talking about our services at NYC Camp? Schedule an appointment or just stop by.