Join us for Drupal Training in February

Join us for Drupal Training in February

Leigh Anderson
AfLeigh Anderson
januar 30, 2019
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The new year is in full swing, but it's not too late to start gaining new knowledge. The FFW team is hosting a number of in-person and online training opportunities this February, and hope you'll join us at one of the following events.

Join us for two trainings at DrupalCamp New Jersey on February 1st:

Best Practices in Website Personalization for Higher Education (9:30 AM)


Project Management for Drupal Projects (1:30 PM)



You can also join us for one of the following webinars, digital trainings, or onsite classes:

Planning for the Personalization Journey: From Empathy to Engagement 

Free Webinar | Thursday, February 7, 10 - 11 AM EST 

Whether thinking about personalization for the first time or looking to improve your approach, join our panel to learn about ways you can start converting prospects to customers with personalization. 


How to Improve Client Journeys by Auditing Your Content 

Free Online Training  | Thursday, February 7, 11 AM - 12 PM EST 

This new class builds on our experiences helping clients align their content programs with technology efforts such as real time personalization and API first channel management. 


Introduction to Web Site Building with Drupal 

Free In-Person Training: New York, NY  | Thursday, February 7, 10 AM - 4 PM EST 

Discover what you are capable of when you build with Drupal. During this introductory class you will learn just how much you can do by installing and configuring Drupal's contributed modules. 


The What and Why of DevOps 

Free Online Training | Thursday, February 14, 11 AM EST 

The CMS may have gotten rid of the web master, but not devops or the sysadmin. This workshop is built around demonstrations that show you how to bring the best modern solutions to your organization. 


What Drupal 8 Means for your Organization's Future

Free Online Training | Thursday, February 28, 11 AM EST

With the new release of the planet’s most powerful, flexible and easy to scale web experience platform, how can you prepare to benefit from all it has to offer? Join Drupal Evangelist Ray Saltini as he walks you through what Drupal 8 means for your organization.


Want a training designed specifically for your team? Let us know! Our Center of Excellence offers personalized trainings to clients around the world, and is here to help you expand your team’s knowledge.