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Join FFW For Drupal Training in Dallas and Houston this September

FFW Drupal Training in Texas

FFW is hosting workshops on using Drupal for personalization and distributed content management. We hope to see you there.

FFW’s free Drupal training is coming to Dallas and Houston this September! As a part of training, you will learn how Drupal can help your team:

  • Improve IT and marketing efficiency by allowing you to create, deploy and manage multiple websites through one common code base.
  • Increase conversion and revenue by targeting custom content to specific marketing segments.
  • Build and deploy better global multilingual and localized websites for your audience.
  • Significantly reduce software licensing costs.

As a sneak peak and to prepare you for a valuable day of learning, we recommend reviewing the following pieces of content before attending:


Introduction to Personalization

FFW’s Dave Sawyer provides keen insights and a solid foundation for understanding and shaping a personalization strategy to be carried throughout your design and development process. Walk away with an understanding of how personalization works, how you should plan and design for it, and how you can avoid common pitfalls.


Distributed Content Management

Understanding distributed content management is critical for organizations managing a large number of websites within their broader digital portfolio.

Consider the challenges of a large university and its need for content to be created and published across numerous sites, from small research labs to individual colleges or the main university site. Or those of a multinational pharmaceutical company that can only publish content after many levels of review and approval and requires consistent management across hundreds of sites and channels globally.  Handling these complexities is at the heart of distributed content management.


Drupal in the Energy Sector 

Open source technologies are opening up areas for exploration previously overlooked by many in the energy sector. If you're coming to the Energy training in Houston, this is a great piece of content to review before attending. It covers how energy companies use the web and how open source internet technologies can drastically reduce acquisition costs, enable rapid prototyping, and create a potential for windfall profits.