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17 November, 2015

So hilft Ihnen Drupals Vielseitigkeit bei der Bewältigung Ihrer Business-Herausforderungen 

Ein Beitrag von Gina Montoya, Marketing Manager, US East Coast
Drupal: A Versatile, Experience-Driven Platform

Drupal is so much more than just an open source content management system. Drupal continues to evolve as a leading tool for creating exceptional digital experiences. Building loyalty online is no easy task as more consumers flock to the internet to shop. Many companies compete to sell similar products and services using comparable language and outreach tactics. Banks offer commoditized checking, savings, money markets, stocks, and bonds products. Similarly, web hosting companies offer security, uptime, FTP, GIT integration and reliability. But, which one will you chose?

Our guide will teach you how to avoid spending too much time and money on deploying costly and complex technical solutions that deplete energy and resources. Download our whitepaper about how Drupal can help your organization and solve your business challenges to learn more.


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