Drupal 9 Training Recap

Drupal 9 Training Recap

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VonRay Saltini
Juli 24, 2019
Computer screen with Drupal 9 written on it

Thinking of joining FFW for a Drupal 9 training? Here's some of the topics we covered.

Our thanks goes out to everyone who helped us with another terrific installment of our online Drupal 9 training series this week. ‘How Drupal 9 Can Transform your Organization’ is a new class about Drupal 9’s transformative power that builds on the success of our first Drupal 9  class, ‘How to Plan Your Drupal 9 Roadmap.’

Enterprise healthcare, higher education, not for profit, energy, manufacturing, state government, system integrators, and agencies were all represented.

We got some great questions and discussion, including:

  • How to prep for D9
  • Jumping from D7 to D9
  • When D9 would be safe
  • When to begin moving off deprecated code
  • Upgrade Status beta release
  • Accessibility in D9
  • ...and more.

Are you interested in watching a recording of the training? You can watch the recording here, or you can sign up to join us for up to four days of in-person Drupal training in New York City this October 21-25.