Four Reasons to Fast Track Your Move to Drupal 8: Webinar

Four Reasons to Fast Track Your Move to Drupal 8: Webinar

Header of webinar "Four Reasons to Move to Drupal 8"

If you haven’t already heard, it’s time for you to upgrade to Drupal 8. Why? If your organization wants to be a market leader, or at the very least just wants to stay in business and not lose ground, you need a tool that is built to facilitate digital transformation.

Drupal 8 has made it easier than ever to migrate your Drupal or non-Drupal project, and it’s flexible, out-of-the-box features are a competitive solution to rigid, proprietary CMS frameworks.

In this recorded webinar with Acquia, we'll dive deeper into the four reasons you should upgrade to Drupal 8, including:

  • The Ascendancy of APIs - Why you need this special feature to free your data
  • Digital Transformation is Now - Future-proof your next web application and overall brand
  • Content First, Design Anytime - Any design, any front-end experience
  • Strong, Stable Code - Gartner and Forrester’s only open source leader

For additional information or to learn how FFW can help you upgrade to Drupal 8, please contact us.