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Prepare for Digital Marketing in 2018

Thought by Leigh Anderson, Sr. Marketing Communication Specialist

2018 is going to bring some big changes to the world of marketing. New technologies such as AR are emerging to change the way we interact with brands, while new laws and systems are coming into place to guide how organizations can interact with their audiences.

Lessons Learned Building Demand for B2B Services

Thought by Erik Wagner, Director, Global Demand Generation

Successful demand generation for a B2B service company is almost unheard of. The sophistication and data-driven culture that exists at high-performing product companies is rarely replicated at service companies.

How an Atomic Design Optimizes Content

Thought by Leigh Anderson, Sr. Marketing Communication Specialist

Atomic design is, and has been for some time, a big deal in the world of digital marketing. Last week, we discussed why marketers need to care about atomic design. This week, we’re talking about why atomic design makes content better than ever.

August 24, 2017

Personalization Prerequisites: Defining How You Will Measure Success

Thought by Dave Sawyer, Senior Solutions Architect

You’ve just rolled out your new website redesign. Internal stakeholders love the fresh new look. You read a series of positive emails and chatter on your Slack channel. You’re feeling great because, hey, that was a lot of work. But how is the new site actually serving its customers?

Personalization Prerequisites: Creating a Content Strategy

Thought by Dave Sawyer, Senior Solutions Architect
By 2018, businesses that excel in personalization will outsell those that don’t by 20%. Though the benefits are clear, the path to get there is not. Of all the challenges to implementing a content personalization solution, perhaps the most important challenge has to do with producing the content itself. It's time to revisit your content strategy.

Personalization Prerequisites: Understanding How Your Customers Engage

Thought by Dave Sawyer, Senior Solutions Architect
In order to produce quality content that is relevant to a specific type of customer, you first need to truly understand their interests and needs. In a personalization strategy, we examine this by mapping out the steps that similar types of customers take as they engage with your business.

Be global. Act local. The story behind GE Energy Connections’ transition to lean marketing.

Thought by Brent Bice, Sr. Account Executive
In 2012, GE Energy split into three distinct businesses: GE Power, GE Oil & Gas, and GE Energy Connections. Each reporting earnings separately. Each with their own strategic initiatives. Each needing their own websites focused on regional and product-specific content. A look at GE Energy Connections' transition to lean digital marketing, and FFW's collaboration on design and development to support that new strategy.

Web Personalization Prerequisites: Identifying Audience Segments

Thought by Dave Sawyer, Senior Solutions Architect
With real-time personalization, segments are typically based on criteria that can either be automatically detected, or determined from previously gathered user data.