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Experience Design

We work with you to design a digital experience that’s beautiful, functional, and human.

Make intentional choices about your design. All of FFW’s recommendations are grounded in quantitative data and qualitative observation, so that you can make the absolute most of your digital platform.

Our designs are beautiful, functional, and human.

Information Architecture
Is information easy to find on your site? Is a bad site structure alienating your users? We can help you understand where and why your site is underperforming, and we’ll recommend and design a solution that will address your specific problems.
Interaction Design & Prototyping
When it comes to digital interactions, we test, rather than guess. When you use FFW’s creative services, we test your new design with your customer and stakeholder groups, and refine what we’ve done so that the end result will help you achieve your goals.
Content Strategy
Any digital experience design is only as good as the content that populates it. FFW is committed to helping you determine and deliver a content strategy that makes the most of your platform.

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