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Web Analytics & Insights

We develop effective insights using data to solve problems and identify patterns in audience, site, and marketplace behavior. FFW uses analytics and research to equip our clients with the insights to make the best business decisions across digital platforms, creative content, and strategies. 

Data Sources & Integration

FFW selects and integrates the most relevant external and owned data sources across CRM databases, mobile, social data, API mining, site analytics, and more to provide the clearest understanding of your owned and external digital spaces.

Benchmarking & KPIs

FFW helps you identify the right KPIs through a structured methodology to create accurate and meaningful benchmarks, allowing stakeholders to measure performance and progresses of digital activities.

Data Visualization, Reporting & Dashboards

FFW uses data-automation, APIs, data visualization, and dashboard solutions to ensure stakeholders are provided with the correct information at the right time in a usable format.

Insight-led Strategic and Creative Solutions

FFW’s clear processes for insight-led strategic and creative development uses insight and data to brainstorm and seek optimized solutions at a level of detail never seen before.