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August 14, 2018

What are the benefits of Acquia Site Factory?

Thought by Leigh Anderson, Sr. Marketing Communication Specialist
Line art of the site factory logo on a Drupal drop

Drupal, and especially Drupal 8, is an excellent foundation for a multisite ecosystem. Drupal’s core code is structured for integration with outside systems (such as an ad system, marketing platforms, tracking tools, and so on). It’s an extensible foundation that allows organizations to build and add functionality, rather than forcing organizations to tear down or undo previous work in order to accomplish new goals.   

What is Acquia Site Factory?

Acquia Cloud Site Factory is a solution created specifically for Drupal sites and provides some of the best multisite management functionality available on the market today. With Site Factory, spinning up and deploying new sites from an existing template is simple, and offers a high-value solution to organizations that might need to rapidly spin up and deploy numerous websites with similar or the same functional requirements and back-end structures.

Examples of organizations that might benefit from Acquia Cloud Site Factory include a franchise, a real-estate company that creates new sites for each property and a large organization (such as a university or product group) with departments that each need their own sub-sites.

Simplifying Drupal Multisite Management

Through its feature-rich site templating system, Site Factory provides the ability to create new sites in a single click. This gives marketers the tools that they need to easily launch new experiences without the need to rely on their IT colleagues.

Templates ensure brand consistency throughout global elements of the platform, such as site navigation and information architecture, while giving marketers enough flexibility to deliver great experiences with every new site. All this together effectively allows marketers to bring new campaigns and content to market faster, and with a fraction of the technical overhead that launching stand-alone sites demands.

Learn More

If you're interested in learning more about Drupal multisite solutions, download our newest eBook: 5 Questions to Ask Before Building a Drupal Multisite.

For help setting up your own multisite solution, contact our team. We're here to help you determine your multisite needs and design the best possible solution for your business.


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