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April 7, 2015

Drupal Console release 0.7.5

Thought by Jesus Manuel Olivas, Drupal 8 Solutions Engineer

After almost a month of work and two DrupalCamps I am glad to announce a new release was tagged for Drupal Console project 0.7.5 In this blog post I will list some of the new features and improvements. Many thanks to everyone who supported this release.

Updated to Drupal 8 Beta 9

Starting from this 0.7.5 release Drupal Console is in sync with latest Drupal release

Translation messages

  • Romanian language added by Cornel Andreev @hugronaphor
  • New translated Hungarian messages by Sándor Czettner @czettnersandor
  • Improved French translation messages by Kevin Gautreau @kgaut

You can take a look at translation messages at the repository:

New command - ‘site:status’ - View current Drupal Installation status

This command was started by Lucas Mingarro @lucasmingarro an Argentinean developer who I had a chance to meet at DrupalCon Latino in Bogota.

Lucas crafted the idea and wrote the first version of this command and I did a refactor based on feedback received via twitter by Fernando Paredes @develcuy to provide better decoupling of data and presentation in order to be able to switch presentation mode.


@jmolivas @drupalconsole how about a json output?

— Fernando P. Garcia (@develCuy) March 11, 2015


Currently this command can output data as  a table and in json format.

New command - ‘chain’ - Automated command execution.

This command represents what we feel will be a significant improvement to the project.

The need for it became clear when we were executing commands like ‘generate:controller’ and needed to execute another command by hand such as ‘router:rebuild’ to rebuild the routing routing system. 

The initial idea was to chain command execution.  In order to do that in code you need to obtain the ChainCommandHelper and call the addCommand method passing the required arguments.

/* sample code */
$chain = $this->getHelper('chain');
/* sample code */

You can see the class source code here ChainCommandHelper.php 

When that functionality was complete we had a discussion with the other project maintainers and came up with the idea to create a command that could read a configuration file containing a queue and execute several commands based on the sequence defined in the configuration file. We decide to use a standard YAML file extension and not go with something like chain extension because we did not want to add a new Drupalism to the project.

I will be recording a video in detail of how to take advantage of this command, in the meantime you can take a look a this video of how to use it: