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January 13, 2014

Drupalcon Face to Face in Prague 2013

Thought by John DeSalvo, Director of Talent Development

I was really excited about the opportunity to follow the Drupal community to Prague and have the invitation to tell their story from behind the lens. My last assignment I had a specific agenda to help Drupal Association deliver a set of messages, “why membership matters” and “why you should sponsor and attend Drupalcon.” We shot these two videos in Portland earlier in the year and “membership matters” is proudly nestled on the Drupal Associations webpage. Our theme for all three videos has been “Drupal Face to Face,” a concept that we brainstormed at Blink Reaction as a series supported by our “Instawall #DRUPALF2F.” This project draws influence from the amazing success the Drupal project experiences when we all get together as a community and even better in person. This has been a cornerstone of the Drupal project and one we are excited to explore on camera.

This time we really wanted to take this idea further, interview the community, and contributors to understand how the conference and interaction generates momentum. Drupal community has always made it key to meet in person, but I set out to learn more about this in practice as it is happening. What’s the Drupalcon experience at a personal level and what inspires creativity when surrounded and supported by your peers. As I got off the plane in Prague and was being taxied through a foreign city, I began to get excited. I realized that this concept of a traveling venue must be part of the success of Drupalcon. I pulled out my list of questions and decided that I wanted to learn how these very special cities, opportunities to travel together change the dynamic of the experience. Adding to the excitement of the event itself, our community even after-hours can come together and build deeper long-term relationships that fuels the success of the project as a whole.

As I began to work I realized that I was touching on the cultural heartbeat of the Drupal project. Drupal unlike other business conventions has a family style, we are very intune as a community, as we are built around contribution of our members. Not only is the conference a success but the relationships built around its attendance shapes the very future of the project. This is “Drupalcon Face to Face in Prague 2013”

Produced by Blink Reaction for the Drupal Association
Video and editing by John DeSalvo


  • Max Richter - The Twins (Prague)
  • Laurel Aitken - Perfidia
  • Jiri Korn - Zal se odklada

Visit and (#DRUPALF2F)