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December 15, 2011

This Holiday Season, All You Need is Love, Peace and Drupal

Thought by FFW,
FFW Drupal Development Holiday Tree

The holidays. It’s a time period that can bring out the panic in people (deadlines colliding with days off, anxiety-filled Christmas shopping, overplayed holiday music). But for some, it’s a time to reflect upon the things they love the most. 

Maybe it was the ornament Acquia sent, but we got to thinking about how much we love Drupal. 

We are elbows-deep in Drupal everyday. It’s a tool that allows us to build great websites--not only for ourselves but for others. Yet, sometimes we’re so busy working that we forget why we choose to work with Drupal in the first place. 

"Drupal is very much like a gift," said FFW CEO Nancy Stango. "We use it to build things our clients never thought they'd be able to achieve -- to give them value beyond their budgets. When you see the satisfaction in their eyes it is a great feeling. Most of them want more. The Drupal community especially is an unexpected surprise for them. I say, 'Spread the Holiday Cheer -- give the gift of Drupal.' I am truly blessed that I have Drupal in my life. I want to thank Dries and the entire community for everything they do. What a great year 2011 has been and 2012 is going to be even better!"

For those who are just now meeting Drupal for the first time, we understand if you’re hesitant about a second or third rendezvous. Because of Drupal’s learning curve, Drupal can seem a bit stand-offish, a little prickly. However, once you commit yourself to the CMS, you’ll find that the hard work is worth it.

In 2006, a then-Drupal rookie posted a thread on under General Discussion. The person wrote: 

“I have found a system that I can adapt with and not get bogged down creatively. I'm no coder, no graphics artist [and] no website developer but I know what I want and Drupal has helped me achieve most of this in a very short period of time.”

This sentiment is echoed a thousand times over, by business owners and developers, novices and trainers, converts and pioneers. At the end of the day, they’re proud to rally under the same banner--”Drupalist.”

This holiday season, show your appreciation for Drupal by participating in events, answering questions on and contributing your wisdom. 

This holiday season, all you need is love, peace and Drupal.