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April 17, 2018

National Audubon Society & Drupal: Data visualization for a better world

Thought by Leigh Anderson, Sr. Marketing Communication Specialist
National Audubon Society & Drupal: Data Visualization for a Better World

Data is an important driver for numerous business and technical decisions, but making sense of it can be difficult. How do you bring complicated data from the world of statistics into the visual language of the 21st century?

At DrupalCon, FFW and The National Audubon Society shared our solution for gathering static, tabular information, and displaying it in Drupal in intuitive charts and maps. Watch the video below to learn how data visualization is furthering The National Audubon Society’s mission of preserving valuable and critical natural resources and species.

To learn more about what Drupal can do with data visualization, or to talk about setting up data visualization on your site, contact us. Our team is here to help you innovate better ways to share and display complicated information on your site.


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