"hvv switch" meets Sixt Share

"hvv switch" meets Sixt Share

Stefanie Bilen
Thought byStefanie Bilen
May 17, 2021
"hvv switch" meets Sixt Share

One app for everything: Cellular continues to work on driving the mobility revolution in Hamburg. As of today, Hamburger Hochbahn AG offers the car sharing service Sixt Share in the "hvv switch" app. Cellular is the technology partner and already in the process of connecting further mobility services to the "hvv switch" platform.

As of today, a new mobility service is available for users of the "hvv switch" app: the car sharing service Sixt Share. This marks another milestone in the expansion of "hvv switch" into a multimobility platform. In addition to bus, train and ferry, "hvv switch" users can now not only book a ridepooling company (Moia), but also the first carsharing provider with Sixt Share.

"We are very excited about the launch of Sixt Share in the ‘hvv switch’ app," says Milan Antonijevic, CRO of Cellular. "The fact that Hamburger Hochbahn is now adding another private mobility provider beyond the public transport world to its offering shows how serious it takes the modernization and digitalization of mobility in Hamburg."

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What's special about the platform is that the mobility services in the "hvv switch" app are deeply integrated, meaning that users need a single  login and a single payment account for all mobility services in the city. The user interface is highly intuitive and follows the highest standards. Customers who want to rent a Sixt Share car can complete all steps via "hvv switch". The customer journey takes them from registration for the driver's license test to booking and billing.

The fact that the platform is a highly innovative mobility project is reflected in the international interest shown by experts: "hvv switch" will be presented as one of the lighthouse projects at the ITS World Mobility Congress in Hamburg in October 2021. With its "hvv switch" mobility platform, Hamburger Hochbahn AG is the only public transport initiative to be a project partner of the "National Platform for the Future of Mobility" and is supported by federal funding as well as receiving scientific backing. Furthermore "hvv switch" is a project of Reallab Hamburg.

Cellular has been a development partner of Hamburger Hochbahn AG since 2019 and is already working on integrating additional mobility services into the "hvv switch" app, including e-scooter and bicycle providers, which will be integrated later this year. In this way, the "hvv switch" platform is being continuously expanded as a digitally-supported contribution to the mobility revolution.