Fundraising With Drupal &

Fundraising With Drupal &

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December 30, 2010

As a nonprofit, you must raise funds to achieve your mission. FFW helps convert web visitors into members, donors, and community.

Check out Friend-factor and see how they run online fundraising using Drupal and FFW built the site, featuring: an easy on-ramp to join, video capture or upload for advocacy, integration with an Email Service Provider (ESP) for periodic contact, and diverse ways to invite friends and family.

You want a strong relationship with each of your constituents. Better engagement with constituents improves your success. Drupal websites built by FFW help you keep in touch with members, manage communities, encourage donations, and stay in touch to show your appreciation.

These solutions, built on Drupal and have very low entry costs because Drupal is open-source and the Salesforce Foundation provides free or low cost access to for nonprofits.

Nonprofit CRM - Constituent Relationship Management:

CRM systems contain information that helps you meet the expectations of your constituents.  Your website and CRM system can maintain user profiles with links to photos and links to social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc. FFW helps you know who your constituents are and their interaction, donation, and advocacy with your nonprofit.

Community & Membership Management

Build relationships with members that result in long-term support of your organization and wider community engagement that helps them reach out to friends and family.

Online Fundraising & Recurring Giving

The web is the future of fundraising. FFW builds solutions for easy online fundraising and effective communication with constituents, including online community.

Stewards Advancing The Cause

FFW can help you show supporters what their gifts mean for the cause, how they directly help your organization, and raise awareness of just how each one makes a difference. Interfaces with CRM systems, such as let you send personalized thank-you letters or newsletters let let constituents know that their donations were well spent.

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