Putting a Face on the Drupal Community

Putting a Face on the Drupal Community

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Thought byRay Saltini
June 14, 2013

What exactly does the Drupal community look like? 

The Drupal Face to Face project launched at Drupalcon Portland set out to answer just that question. Produced by FFW in collaboration with the Drupal Association, Drupal Face to Face is an omnichannel media project designed to increase Drupal Association membership and attract new people to the Drupal open source project and community. 

The project was developed with FFW's digital strategy team to help deliver awareness and engagement around a campaign to build Drupal Association membership.

FFW launched three different Drupal Face to Face components in Portland: a Photo Booth, a large screen Instagram Photo Wall and the taping of a short video documentary to be released for Drupalcon Prague. Each component was geared to engaging conference goers and creating a group identity that values Drupal Association membership. 

FFW staff, volunteers and conference goers helped make each effort a success, with hundreds of conference goers taking home souvenir images and many more posting to Instagram and our Photo Wall at www.drupalfacetoface.org.

"Drupal is a world class platform with world class contributors. Drupal solutions address enterprise and SMB problems faster and smarter than any other technology. This is our way of giving back to the community and helping others understand what Drupal can do for them," said Nancy Stango, CEO of FFW, East Coast.

Visit drupalfacetoface.org for an archive view of Drupalcon Portland. The application will continue to be used to build awareness and engagement to drive Drupal Association membership and expand the community to newcomers.

For more about FFW's digital strategy services and omnichannel marketing visit our services page and this blog post on omni channel marketing.


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