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City of Copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark with an urban population of 1,246,611. Copenhagen has ranked highly in international surveys for its quality of life, educational opportunities, and level of social safety. FFW built a robust intranet to serve the City of Copenhagen’s 45,000+ employees and a public-facing site for citizens of Copenhagen.

Services Provided:
Drupal Development

A new website centralized and streamlined the City of Copenhagen’s online presence. Crafted by FFW™.

The City of Copenhagen needed a single cohesive, yet flexible, platform to reduce costs, unify their branding, and increase service. Maintenance became costly and cumbersome with over 1,000 websites on different CMS platforms. They asked us to develop a multi-site Drupal solution that could absorb the old sites. This way, the City of Copenhagen could build sites using the new platform. The City of Copenhagen also needed an easy way to share content to communicate via the websites. They needed a primary public platform for the citizens of Copenhagen to visit and an intranet to manage communication with the private employees of the city.

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Easy Customization and Updated Drupal Profile

One of our biggest tasks was to replace the City of Copenhagen’s outdated, complex intranet system with a new Drupal powered system. Then, we built a new website that made customization easy for the different needs for shareholders and site owners. Our team created a multi-site solution controlled by an Aegir instance that has a group of secondary systems and platforms. We also installed a separate Drupal installation profile for all sites.

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One of the Largest Drupal Projects Ever

The new Drupal-powered intranet serves over 45,000 employees across seven districts. The new intranet simplifies communication between employees of the City of Copenhagen, and as an added bonus, they now have control over their user data. The platform offers a variety of features including sites on demand, content sharing with other sites, fast response times, the ability to to scale the platform with demand, easy-to-edit technology accessible to editors. Customization was important to make this project work, so we built a new website that made it easy for shareholder and site owners to edit content quickly and efficiently.

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