FFW at DrupalCamp Atlanta

DrupalCamp Atlanta

DrupalCamp Atlanta 2019

September 12 - 14

Join us DrupalCamp Atlanta. We'd love to take time to catch up, if you're attending. While there be sure to check out the training and session from our expert in all things Drupal, Ray Saltini. Take a look at the details below:

Project Management for Drupal Projects
Date: Friday, September 13, 2019 at 8:30 AM EST

Open Source Drupal Development is a specialty and so is Drupal Project Management. What can you do to ensure your next Drupal project is a huge success for your organization? Join us for this half day training as we share our experience working with some of the largest and most complex projects ever built and help you understand and implement best practices at every stage of your project.

This training is designed to help organization project managers, product owners, decision-makers, and stakeholders understand how Drupal differs from other systems and what you need to do differently to get the most out of Drupal. This class discusses the various stages of Drupal project development from planning to maintenance and gives you practical guidance on how you can support your team to deliver the best possible outcomes at each stage.

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Actionable Strategies that will Improve Customer Experience
Date: Friday, September 13, 2019 at 2:00 PM EST

Ever feel like you're jumping from one problem to the next putting out fires, but never get the bandwidth to implement longer term solutions? We'll focus on the importance of establishing baseline assessments and measuring progress through regular formal audits to seize opportunities that will strengthen visitor journeys and increase conversions. This session is geared to both new and experienced web professionals struggling to find ways to get beyond their daily grind and make lasting improvements in systems and decision making that benefit site managers and end users alike.