Achieve Your Business Goals with Drupal

Achieve Your Business Goals with Drupal

Leigh Anderson
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Juillet 10, 2017
Drupal Business Goals

Guten tag from Heidelberg, Germany. FFW is sponsoring and attending the annual Drupal Business and Community Days, which brings together businesses and community members in the world of Drupal to share and collaborate. It’s got us in the mood to share why we love using Drupal to help organizations achieve their business goals.

There are a number of reasons why Drupal is a great platform for any organization that wants to have a strong digital platform. Below are just a few.

It can help you increase revenue

A well-constructed site can help you increase your revenue. Switching to an open source solution like Drupal can cut down on your licensing fees, while working with a flexible hosting provider can help your site scale gracefully for lower costs.

Additionally, switching to a solution like Drupal can help you save time and money by integrating with your systems. A good website is more than just a place that visitors come to: it can unite all of your tools to provide a seamless experience for users and staff alike. And if you have sponsors, or bring in money from advertising, a Drupal platform can help streamline the process of adding sponsored content.

It can help you improve customer satisfaction

Everyone has heard of the phrase “the customer is always right.” That’s true online, too. Your site can make or break your relationship with your customers, so why stick with an outdated site that hurts your users? A good user experience on your site doesn’t only make for happy and loyal customers, though. Technologies like Drupal can even allow you to automate some processes that empower your customers and users to complete the actions they need without having to connect to a help line.

It’ll make your team more efficient

A good website can make a big difference internally, too. Experienced web agencies like FFW can build sites that make it easy for your staff to do their jobs. By giving marketing, sales, and your other outward-facing employees the ability to make changes while keeping the site secure, you make it easier for them to achieve their goals, and help your business grow.

Want to learn how Drupal can help your organization? Have questions about what the process for making the switch to Drupal might be like? Contact us for more information on migrating your site to Drupal.