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Five key takeaways for higher education websites

Thought by Tassos Koutlas, UK Technical Director

Higher education is changing rapidly and is affected by changes to technology. Universities are competing for students globally, and everyone has more options than ever before.

December 7, 2018

Great Examples Of Distributed Content Management In Higher Education

Thought by Hank VanZile, VP, Digital Solutions
With a multitude of colleges, schools, and departments to account for, distributed content management is an important part of an effective digital strategy for higher education institutions. This post covers three common use cases for universities.

What Is Distributed Content Management?

Thought by Hank VanZile, VP, Digital Solutions

If you ask a group of experienced Drupal users “Is Drupal a good choice for distributed content management?” the majority will likely answer yes.  Ask those same people “What exactly is distributed content management?” and answers won’t be nearly so definitive.

A Seamless CMS Transition is Possible!

Thought by Ray Saltini, Director, FFW Center of Excellence
Princeton's Woodrow Wilson school and Blink Reaction joined together to WWS set up with a solution for their CMS needs.