Get a 360 view of your customers with Acquia Marketing Cloud

Get a 360 view of your customers with Acquia Marketing Cloud

Kayla Eidenbrook
Thought byKayla Eidenbrook
September 29, 2020
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Acquia Marketing Cloud helps enterprise organizations deliver the right messages to the right customers, and generate more sales.

When it comes to marketing communications, don’t enterprise organizations and their customers really want similar things? Customers crave communications that are highly tailored, consistent, and something they resonate with. They’re flooded with messages constantly throughout the day, and want the right messages to meet them where they’re actually at in the buyer's journey.  On the same line, organizations want to communicate with their customers in a way that propels them through the sales funnel; with messaging that’s tailored, consistent, and (you guessed it) something they resonate with.

What neither party wants is for the communications to be highly generic or fitting for a completely different audience, inconsistent with previous messages or branding, and for the customer to end up frustrated and stuck within the user journey. The unfortunate thing is that tends to happen way more often than it should.

One key problem is the root of these issues -- organizations not having a holistic view of their customers. Sure, we might have multiple tools available to help us gain customer insights, automate marketing channels, and gauge performance. But with so many sources of information scattered within different systems, the most valuable data becomes disassembled, siloed, and useless for assembling a true customer profile. It’s like panhandling for gold at random rivers, when you really want to be at a gold mine.

Acquia Marketing Cloud creates a cleaner, 360 degree view of customers

Acquia Marketing Cloud harnesses customer intelligence through various channels of interaction with the customer, and all that valuable information is cleansed and validated to create an in-depth and reliable profile. It also seamlessly integrates with third-party systems for easy configuration.

While extensive customer data can have the potential to fuel new opportunities, it is nearly useless if it doesn’t get into the hands of the right person. Acquia Marketing Cloud is meant to be accessible and valuable to all teams who need access to customer information. Data and analytics teams get a single source of truth for customer data, and marketing teams can orchestrate multi-channel communications to boost engagement, conversions, and revenue. 

  • Not having the full picture holds you back, causing problems like: 
  • Inconsistent communications
  • Missing pieces of information
  • A lot of hard work without the insights to make better decisions
  • Strategies built on assumptions, not facts

Having a comprehensive customer profile neatly stored in one convenient place means you can zero in on true opportunities, reduce risk, and refine messaging; without slowing down efforts.

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Combining Data, Experience, and Technology 

Today’s marketing is heavily reliant on technology in order to make any sort of impact. But technology is only one important piece of the puzzle to consider. Data and digital experience design are equally important to create meaningful communications that spur results. Acquia Marketing cloud leverages powerful technology with vast data to impact user experience.

Acquia Marketing Cloud consists of multiple products that bridge the gaps between those three vital components.

Acquia Personalization

Personalization enables marketers to quickly and easily optimize customer experiences. It allows you to rapidly create content, collect data, and build personalized experiences all under one interface.

Acquia Customer Data Platform 

Acquia Customer Data Platform is a CDP for enterprise brands. It uses robust AI to understand and engage customers, regardless of channel. Data driven strategies are supported with customizable, visual dashboards and analytics.

Campaign Studio

Seamlessly manage campaigns and orchestrate journeys across all channels with highly personalized experiences at scale. Campaign studio offers flexible designs and automated, templated campaigns, along with customizable features to learn more about and reach customers based on their web interactions. 

Campaign Factory

Scale operations and ensure data governance with the ability to manage multiple Campaign Studio accounts from one central location. Different business units or regional teams can have their own campaign management instance, without compromising brand consistency. A strong governance model ensures that campaigns are easy to replicate, analyze, and manage. 

Acquia Digital Asset Manager (DAM)

Acquia Digital Asset Manager (DAM) organizes approved creative assets for self-service in one place, making it easy to find, modify, and download images, videos, and rich media.

Want to get started with Aquia Marketing Cloud? 

If you are interested in adopting Acquia Marketing Cloud at your organization, FFW can help.  We are proud to be the agency with the most Acquia-certified staff, including 20 Drupal Grand Masters and more than 185 certified experts. We have extensive experience providing consulting, optimization, implementation, and long-term support of Acquia products. We would love to put that experience to work with you.