How WomenLift Health is successfully adapting their web presence during COVID-19

How WomenLift Health is successfully adapting their web presence during COVID-19

Kayla Eidenbrook
Thought byKayla Eidenbrook
August 24, 2020
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The global pandemic has created a momentous difference in how organizations are adapting their digital presence. WomenLift Health is a case where they're using their platform to create positive change during COVID-19.

Since the onset of COVID-19, organizations have quickly pivoted to sharing perspectives and launching initiatives that address the global pandemic. With a shift from in-person engagements to a more robust online presence, many organizations have also chosen to better optimize their websites and enhance their digital offerings. 

WomenLift Health is a shining example of this. As an organization dedicated to elevating exceptional women to leadership positions in global health, WomenLift Health quickly decided to utilize its online presence to share the impacts on women during COVID-19, and highlight the positive results driven by women leaders in addressing the virus. The organization has been doing this through a Speaker Series that brings together leading global health experts on key topics, and also by highlighting and amplifying women doing exceptional work to tackle COVID-19. 

WomenLift Health: Using their platform for transformative change

WomenLift Health’s mission is to expand the power and influence of talented women in global health and catalyze systemic change to achieve gender equality in leadership.

A new organization, less than a year old, WomenLift Health is already a  growing force for women in the global health sphere. As such, it only recently launched its Web presence: FFW and WomenLift Health joined forces to create a website, which launched in February of this year.

Throughout the website build, WomenLift Health was committed to designing a platform that would be a key asset in helping the organization achieve its mission. With a global focus, the accessibility and reach of its information was critical, to ensure WomenLift Health was reaching and engaging with a wide range of stakeholders from urban areas to people in remote areas of the world, where access to and quality of the internet can vary widely.  It was also important for the site to host a hub that can serve as a one-stop destination for finding and promoting women health leaders. 

WomenLift Health has already seen increased engagement on its website and across all of its digital platforms.

WomenLift Health is using its platform in multiple ways:

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The importance of a platform that can adapt

Technology played a crucial role in WomenLift Health’s ability to share its message and more effectively advocates for change. With an increased reliance by the public on digital solutions, increasingly, organizations are realizing the need to create a more prominent digital presence. FFW can help you find the right strategy for your platform and beyond in this new world we’re living in. Contact us for a consultation.

Want to help? Here’s how you can support WomenLift Health

WomenLift Health is using its platform to support its mission to ensure more women in global health are achieving leadership roles, which will ultimately lead to better health outcomes for all. You can learn more about WomenLift Health at, or by following along on Twitter at @womenlifthealth.