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Drupal Developer


About the role:

We are looking for talented developer that has a minimum of 3+ years of experience developing LAMP (Drupal preferred) applications. This person can code custom modules according to coding standards and best practices. They can test the quality and security of the code they write and will often handle complicated backend tasks such as migration, search customization, and web service programming. The position requires exceptional programming skills, problem solving abilities and an eye for detail. The successful candidate will be responsible for taking a web project from the development phase to the final product. 

  • 3+ years of professional experience in the web industry
  • Strong understanding of the LAMP stack
  • Master of HTML, CSS/SASS, JS and other web related letter combinations
  • "OOP" is not a short version of "OOPS" for you. You know the theory and how to apply it in your code
  • Clean, organized and performant code. Your code is a masterpiece, always.You write code with care for others - it can be used instead of project developer documentation.
  • Expert knowledge of Drupal (Drupal 8 highly desirable). Not only you can write modules and themes, but tend to make core contributions as well.
  • Experience with massive site/data migrations. You've been through this at least once, survived and ready to take on more.
  • Web services and APIs guru. You can turn Drupal into a data store with inbound and outbound API web service integrations.
  • You are smart with your time, so you automate everything you can. Project setup, code reviews, tests, deployment and maybe even some code production (Have you mastered AI yet?).
  • Opinionated perfectionist with net positive team collaboration skills. You are a star but not only in your own eyes, but in the eyes of the rest of the team. Developers can learn from your code reviews
  • A mentor everyone craves to learn from. You are excited when others make achievements that you were part of (even if not noticed or mentioned)

If you are qualified please apply now. If you know a candidate we should consider please let them know about us. 

About FFW:

For over 15 years, FFW has provided significant digital experiences to the world’s largest brands many within the Fortune 50 in finance, power, media, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. FFW is a team of more than 400 people across 11 countries and growing fast. Not only do we work with large organizations, but we have a diverse portfolio across various verticals working on a variety of mission critical digital solutions.