Drupal 8, Console, Flag and FFW at Drupalcon Bogota

Drupal 8, Console, Flag and FFW at Drupalcon Bogota

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Thought byJesus Olivas
Drupal 8 Solution Architect
February 25, 2015

After a great week in Bogota and some time to reflect I can say the first DrupalCon in Latin America was even better than I expected - yes it did feel more like a DrupalCamp than a DrupalCon - but it was still a great event! The quality of sessions were very good and as usual the greatest part was the chance to get together with a lot of friends from all over and especially Latin America.

Here are my highlights:


Our Community Trainings - Intro to Symfony, Getting Ready for D8

After many difficulties and many delays securing a venue to provide free community trainings, I was able to present a 3 hour version of our “Introduction to Symfony2: Getting Ready for D8”.  I did this training Austin & Amsterdam with my colleagues from FFW and again at BADCamp with help from friends.

This time I received help from a co-maintainer of the Console project, David Flores. We had a packed room - people were sitting on the floor once no more seats were available. We received good feedback about the training and based on this session I can confirm that developers  are getting more and more interested in Drupal 8, Symfony and modern PHP frameworks but there are still so many who are not involved in the new PHP movement!

Visit the Drupalcon training page for more info on the other trainings:  https://latinamerica2015.drupal.org/event/community-trainings

For more information about this and other Drupal trainings visit our Events page and use our contact form or reach me on twitter at @jmolivas.


Dries Buytaert

Maybe it’s me but the session was so similar to the one Dries presented at Austin - not that this was not good enough - but it did give me some deja vu - like I saw it before. Still a great keynote!

Session link: https://latinamerica2015.drupal.org/session/keynote-dries-buytaert

Larry Garfield aka Crell

FFW at DrupalCon Bogota

As usual Larry gave a great presentation. This time he included an awesome surprise - he plugged the Drupal Console project! Larry mentioned Console as part of a new pleasant experience working with Drupal 8 and new tools related to PIE (Proudly Found Elsewhere) - about using third party components. Thank you Larry!

Session link: https://latinamerica2015.drupal.org/session/keynote-larry-garfield

Our Sessions:

My Session - Drupal 8 Console (scaffolding module generator)

FFW at DrupalCon Bogota Session

I presented the DrupalCon session Drupal 8 Console (Scaffolding Module Generator). I was again accompanied by David Flores, one of the project maintainers. 

This session was almost a total refactor of the session I presented in 2014 at SANDCamp, NYC Camp, DrupalCamp Costa Rica, DrupalCamp LA & BADCamp. This time instead of just a live demo, I added videos to show command interaction, similar to what I did for the DrupalCon Amsterdam Lightning Talks. You can view it here at the session link: https://latinamerica2015.drupal.org/session/drupal-8-console-scaffolding-module-generator

Tess’s Session - Capture the (D8) Flag

Another session by coworker and travel partner Tess Flynn (@socketwench) was “Capture the (D8) Flag”. This is the second time I’ve had a chance to see Tess presenting and I can tell you she is one of my prefered speakers. Awesome content, awesome execution. And her presentation includes hand-drawn images!

Last year, when I saw the slides for the same presentation from TwinCities Drupal I forked the project and sent a couple of PRs (Pull Requests). You should too!

Session link: https://latinamerica2015.drupal.org/session/capture-d8-flag

Console and Flag featured in the Drupalize.me Guide to Drupal 8 at Bogata

Seeing both of these sessions featured in their blog post Guide to Drupal 8 at DrupalCon Bogotá the day before the event was super sweet! Thank you!

Other Sessions:

Headless Drupal is now "a thing"

Omar Aguirre presented Headless Drupal is now "a thing". He talked about Headless Drupal examples in D7 and D8. For D8 he demoed how to use the Drupal Console to help create a headless site - no surprise since Omar is a Console maintainer!

Session link: https://latinamerica2015.drupal.org/session/headless-drupal-now-thing

Drupal 8 CMI on Managed Workflow

Matt Cheney & Molly Byrnes presented an overview of the Configuration Management System in Drupal 8 and how you can take advantage of this new functionality in your daily workflow. Great session and something I plan on keeping a close eye on.

Session link: https://latinamerica2015.drupal.org/session/drupal-8-cmi-managed-workflow

#d8rules - Web-automation with Rules in Drupal 8

Josef Dabernig presented a great overview of the rules module in Drupal 8, sharing examples of code and how the project was crowdfunded using Kickstarter right through to the status of current project development.

Session link: https://latinamerica2015.drupal.org/session/d8rules-web-automation-rules-drupal-8

I recommend you view the session recordings of everything i described and visit https://latinamerica2015.drupal.org/schedule to see what else you might be interested in watching. I also highly recommend these two sessions I’ve seen previously:

Drupal in the Post-PHP-Renaissance World


An Overview of the Drupal 8 Plugin System



We held the first formal contribution sprint for the Console project! Our focus was on enabling people to learn how to contribute to the project and I’m very proud of what we accomplished. 

Four new contributors - thank you!

  • Renato Vasconcellos Gomes
  • Angel Hañari 
  • Lucas Mingarro
  • Emmanuel Cortes

Portuguese translations.

Two new commands

rest:disable - Disable a rest resource for the application.

site:mode - Switch system performance configuration.

For more information about my work and the Drupal Console see my blog posts on ffwagency.com/blog and visit these Drupal 8 Console links:

  • Presentation slides http://bit.ly/console-bogota
  • Project Landing page http://drupalconsole.com/
  • Project respository at github http://bit.ly/console-code
  • Documentation book http://bit.ly/console-book

Next stop SandCamp and MidCamp. Hope to see you there!

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