Drupal Winning over the Marketing Department

Drupal Winning over the Marketing Department

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January 13, 2010

The Drupal team is flying high into the new year and rightfully so. They launched a successful effort to win over IT managers everywhere, who have historically cringed at the thought of fighting unsupported and sloppy code development. But, perhaps unexpectedly, they are also attracting support from the marketing, sales and PR departments.

An obvious turning point for Drupal was the launch of the much-improved White House website. They lauded Drupal as offering a cost-effective method for managing the nation’s website (that’s PR you can’t pay for). With that support, the Drupal floodgates exploded. Immediately, we experienced a swell of calls from large corporations who had previously hesitated to come on board after earlier presentations. And, interestingly, nearly 40% of these calls came from Marketing people—not the IT folks.

It seems that Drupal’s message is reaching the non-IT community and they are “getting it” in droves. In a time when every company is reliant upon indoctrinating cost efficiency into their operating platforms, Drupal serves as a reliable, nimble and efficient technology application for companies large and small. And FFW could not be happier to support its continued growth and development. Drupal 7 and Drupal 8—bring it on!

Nancy Stango
CEO, East Coast

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