FFW at DMEXCO 2019: Building a digital Centre of Excellence

FFW at DMEXCO 2019: Building a digital Centre of Excellence

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Sina Kresse
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September 09, 2019

Pursuing the approach of creating a digital Centre of Excellence (dCoE) is the 5-star-discipline for enterprises with multiple markets, a vast number of brands, and a megaton of requirements. That's why at DMEXCO later this week, the FFW team will share our recipe for creating a successful digital Centre of Excellence for multi-market companies, utilising the Drupal 8 CMS framework.

Our session will reveal some of the lessons we've learned from helping our clients over the pat 15+ years. We'll talk about how to build a foundation for success with a centralised CMS platform solution such as Drupal 8 (FFW’s preferred choice). We'll share how building installation profiles for several locations, regions, countries and brands to establish a strong and homogenous IT architecture on a global level. We'll also share how this digital Centre of Excellence helps organisations improve the user experience in each of its local markets, and how to set up a team that spans a clearly defined bridge between local and central decisions, roles, and processes. 

Does your organisation need a digital Center of Excellence? Take our quiz and find out.

Give yourself one point for every statement that's true for your organisation:

  • We own more than 20 domains in the www 
  • 50% of our staff cannot spell D-I-G-I-T-A-L
  • We operate in more than 7 markets 
  • We have more than one brand with similar needs  
  • Our team spends a lot of time doing things double
  • We've got good resources in one market - none in others 
  • Digital innovation is important for us but happens way too slowly 
  • Central parts of our IT are custom/self built  
  • All our digital efforts go into troubleshooting & maintenance  
  • Digital decisions lack clear executive decision flows 

What’s your score? 

  • 1-2: You probably don't need a digital Centre of Excellence just yet 
  • 2-4: A digital Centre of Excellence might be worth exploring
  • 5-7: Yes, you need one
  • 8-10: You urgently need a digital Centre of Excellence! Make sure you come to our session at DMEXCO.

Why did we pick this topic? 

The possibilities of what can be built with technology are almost unlimited. The biggest blocker to success, however, is insufficient communication. In fact, 57% of all digital projects fail due to lack of proper communication (measures). Geographical, cultural and linguistic barriers exacerbate this problem. Therefore, it is necessary not only to examine a large digital project focusing purely on technological aspects, but also to precisely define the organisation and the roles and processes within it, to turn that 57% failure rate into a 100% chance of success. 

When and where?

Look forward to 25 minutes with Sina Kresse in the World of Agencies on September 12th, 2019, at 14:40. Once the talk has conclude, we'll publish our summary here, so follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and our other social networks to receive an update once the summary has been posted. 

Are you at DMEXCO? You will find us in the World of Agencies, Hall 6, Agency Space 37. We'd be thrilled to talk with you about your digital CoE approach, so make sure you book a meeting with us to save time at the event! 

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