Join us at Drupal Europe this September

Join us at Drupal Europe this September

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Leigh Anderson
Thought byLeigh Anderson
Solutions Analyst
September 04, 2018

Are you going to Drupal Europe? FFW's Valery Lourie and Boyan Borisov will be giving talks at the event, and we hope you'll be able to catch them.

Join us at the following sessions:

Content management in AI-driven world

Track: Drupal + Technology
Speaker: Valery Lourie

Summary: Is it possible to find navigation elements that result in the best visitor experience? The answer is likely yes, and this question can be reformulated as one of the classic machine learning tasks.

Let's talk what are other classic machine learning tasks, and if and how they can be applied to content management

Drupal in the cloud - Serverless and more

Track: DevOps + Infrastructure
Speaker: Boyan Borisov

Summary: Serverless computing allows you to build and run applications without provisioning, scale or manage any servers. The main benefits are: no server management, flexible scaling, automated high availability, flexible payment model/pay as you go.

Want to connect with FFW at the event? Contact us to let us know you'd like to chat, and we'll be in touch to set up a time when we can get together.


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