New Whitepaper for Diagnosing Site Health

New Whitepaper for Diagnosing Site Health

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Leigh Anderson
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December 01, 2017

Having a digital platform that’s functional and intuitive is extremely important for offering a customer experience that will drive lead generation, encourage conversions, and build loyalty towards your organization.

In our new whitepaper, Is Your Site Performing? 5 Techniques for Auditing Digital Health, you’ll learn how regularly monitoring or auditing your site can help you do digital better.

What’s an audit?

When spoken of in a digital context, an audit is a study of a specific facet of a platform. While some audits (such as accessibility audits) measure a component of the platform against compliance standards, others simply create an inventory and identify any gaps or redundancies.

Why audit?

Whether it’s monitoring or for maintenance, this white paper breaks down the numerous different types of audits, how and when to perform them, and what to do with the results. Auditing is a great way to understand what’s going on with your site, and here are three reasons why organizations should regularly audit their digital systems.

Download the whitepaper

There are numerous different cross-sections of a site that need to be audited on a regular basis. Download the whitepaper from FFW to learn what to audit, when, and how. For help getting started auditing, contact FFW, and our digital experts will be in touch right away.

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