Something for Everyone: Announcing 5 FFW Sessions at Drupalcon New Orleans

Something for Everyone: Announcing 5 FFW Sessions at Drupalcon New Orleans

April 05, 2016

Business Results, Personalization, PHP, Command Line Tools and Community Growth are all topics we’ll be presenting on during Drupalcon NA in New Orleans in May. Congratulations to all our presenters. We’re so excited to be able to share our experience with you.

Here’s a quick run down of each session. 

Core Conversations Track

Is size just a number? Reflecting on community growth, mentoring, and where we spend our efforts

David Hernandez with Kalpana Goel

Drupal has one of the largest open source communities in the world, with Drupal 8 crediting over 3,000 individual contributors. With this many people involved Drupal can do anything, right? Well, maybe this number isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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Business Showcase Track

Delivering Business Results Beyond Revenue

Brent Bice

Drupal is known as a flexible, scalable and cost efficient open source CMS used by both small businesses and large enterprise organizations to rapidly deploy content to consumers. In this presentation, FFW will discuss how our solutions not only generate traffic, conversion and increased revenue, but provide intrinsic value to organizations.

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Coding and Development Track

Writing Command Line Tools for Drupal 8 Modules

Jesus Olivas, Greg Anderson, Moshe Weitzman and Darryl Norris

The Drush and Drupal Console maintainers have launched a new collaborative effort to unify the way that command line tools should be written for Drupal 8 modules. This session will walk through the process of writing a scripting interface for your Drupal 8 modules code using an object-oriented API built on top of Symfony Console components. Once your command is finished and working, it can be used from either Drupal Console or Drush.

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PHP Track
What type of testing is good for me?

Yuriy Gerasimov

There are so many types of testing nowadays! Code static analysis checks, unit testing, functional testing, front-end performance testing, load testing, visual regression testing. But which one shall I use in real life project with limited time and budget? There is no easy answer.

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Site Building Track
Web Personalization for Drupal Sites: Your Roadmap to Get Started

Dave Sawyer with John Money

Web personalization allows content to be tailored to the interests of the visitor, resulting in increased engagement and higher conversion rates. Leading marketers agree that personalized content is essential to an effective digital marketing strategy, though planning and implementing a personalization solution can be complex or cost prohibitive.

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