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Need a personalization roadmap? You've come to the right place.

When exploring content personalization, getting stuck is totally normal. Setting up a personalization platform (such as Acquia Lift) is only the first step.

Technological configuration is the beginning of personalization, but in order to have a successful campaign, you'll need to marry that data to a strong content strategy. And in the face of that, figuring out your strategy may seem overwhelming. Where do you begin? 

On this page, you'll find some of our many resources dedicated to data-driven personalization. Download an eBook, read our blog, watch a webinar, or contact us: Our expert team of strategists is here to help you craft the perfect personalization platform and strategy.

Personalization Planning Resources

Our Blog Series: Personalization Prerequisites

Introduction to Personalization

An Introduction to Personalization

Customer Journey

Personalization Prerequisites: Understanding How Your Customers Engage

Audience Segments

Web Personalization Prerequisites: Identifying Audience Segments

Measure Success

Personalization Prerequisites: Defining How You Will Measure Success

Content Strategy

Personalization Prerequisites: Creating a Content Strategy

Right message, right place, right time.

Watch and learn.

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How to Fail at Web Personalization

Case Studies in Success

Autodesk Design Academy

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