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Digital experiences: Now a vital need for those you serve.

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Serving your purpose digitally is no longer an option or accessory. It’s a responsibility. 

The public is now almost completely reliant on virtual services to access what they need to survive. And with so many now reliant on government institutions due to the pandemic, the need to optimize these digital experiences is more important than ever. To avoid causing mass distress, security breaches, and accessibility issues, it’s crucial to rise to the challenge. 

Even when things normalize, the world will never be quite the same. The public’s reliance on digital information and resources will become the new normal. Those reluctant to transition to online channels are being forced into them. And with this they’ll learn new habits and new sources for information -- even when heavy call volumes and quarantining isn’t an issue.

    Here to serve you, so you can better focus on those you serve

    • Civic Orgs (chambers, economic development, committees)
    • Enterprise Non-Profit
    • Regional Agencies, Municipalities
    • Private Workforce Services, Social Services
    • Public Sector Consultancies
    • Open Government Tech Providers

    Your platform should help you fulfill your mission

    Governance Digital Platform Development

    Serving the public is an essential part of who you are.

    This mission each of your team members embrace, requires passion, resources, and a lot of hard work. But your website may not represent this commitment in action. If the audiences you serve are unable to find the info or access the resources they need, despite best intentions and efforts, it represents a fundamental failure to deliver on this commitment. Additionally, it can be a serious detriment for your organization and team. Frustrated constituents, high call and email volumes, and similarly caused friction can result in wasted time and resources, and stressed employees. It also vastly increases the level of risk, including site stability (when it’s needed most), security lapses, and accessibility and mandated standards non-compliance liability. 

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    These dire consequences are like a minefield, in that they aren’t readily visible in plain sight, and such are not always top-of-mind with many organizations. But one misstep can cause disaster. 

    We understand many teams typically impact people on the ground. Now their digital platform may be one of the only ways they can efficiently educate, provide assistance and fund their programs and work.

    Knowing what this minefield looks like for your organization is the first step, one which we can help. We perform comprehensive site audits to uncover all potential liabilities and improvement areas, including those which are mandated or dire, and those which are recommended.

    The importance of optimization, security, and accessibility

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    Platform Optimization:

    We can help you better meet your constituents where they are. Platform Optimization helps organizations better understand who their audiences are, what info and resources they need, and what’s most relevant to them through our data and insights based consultation, including development and implementation of a personalization strategy.


    Lapsing on website maintenance causes opportunities for breaches and other security threats. A poor site infrastructure can also make it tempting for security malpractices to exist within everyday processes -- like encouraging people to send sensitive information via email and other unsecure channels when primary channels are inundated or not functioning. FFW can conduct a comprehensive site audit to ensure your website’s security.

    Accessibility and Digital Equity:

    Ensuring equal and easily accessible information and resources for all is an obligation that creates a more just environment. It not only helps you adhere to any mandated accessibility standards, it fulfills your obligations to the public.

    Did You Know: 1 in 6 people in the U.S. are living with a disability.

    It also mitigates against high call volumes while reducing user and employee frustrations from inaccessible and illegible information. We can help you do a full accessibility audit to forecast any potential concerns, as well as help remediate any issues standing between you and meeting where those you serve are.

    FFW can help you ensure the digital experience you provide is optimized, secure, and accessible.

    Long term solutions that cut costs

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    Investing in a full re-platform every two years isn’t sustainable for many companies in the private sector, especially when tethered to a regularly cadenced, limited budget. But that shouldn’t halt the website’s progress or compromise accessibility or security. Continuous development and optimization and using design systems are some of the ways to reap the benefits of a re-platform, without the time and cost commitments.

    Continuous development and optimization:

    Website updates are like lifestyle changes -- they can either take place at once in one major swoop, which requires considerable focus and investment. Or they can be enacted regularly, with minimal effort but resulting in drastic changes over the long term. Continuous development and optimization serve as the latter.

    Design systems:

    Design systems are a cohesive group of components that can help you preserve the longevity of your site, without the need for a redesign every two years. They improve efficiency, scalability, and brand consistency throughout a platform. A design system with flexible components will allow you to gracefully evolve your brand over time by providing a single source of truth for all digital visual assets. Testing integrations let you reconfigure your designs and content layouts as new user behavior patterns emerge and evolve over time.

    Delphix Embraces “Steady Wins the Race”

    Through partnering with FFW, Delphix has been able to continuously improve and optimize their website; and have revised their homepage multiple times over the course of 2 years. These iterations have resulted from user research on improving functionality, and because of continuous development, they’ve been able to make these revisions while staying within a steady monthly budget. Newly-designed experiences led to a marked improvement in the usage of their websites and a progressive re-use of their new designs across multiple web properties and custom applications. 

    With the work we’ve done keeping our site in continual optimization mode, we finally see ourselves as our users see us. And we will never need to replatform again to grow our digital presence. I was skeptical, but I want to give a shout out for our partners at FFW making this possible.

    Codevelopment and multi-vendor environments

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    Already have a development team in place to manage your website? FFW has a plethora of experience working with internal and third-party development teams, and even multi-vendor environments. 

    Strategic Alliance with Acquia: FISMA and ATO approved

    FFW is an Acquia certified (and awarded) partner.  

    • Acquia is Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) approved to provide secure Web services in the cloud, a key process for highly sensitive customers like government, financial, and social services. 
    • Acquia is a FISMA-approved ‘Authorization to Operate’ (ATO) vendor, allowing federal agencies to more easily redesign their Drupal Websites while maintaining stringent security standards and cost efficiencies.
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    There’s never been a more important time then now. We can help.

    We have helped many of the most notable and noble organizations facilitate optimal and seamless experiences, fostering new standards of service and collaboration. Knowing every situation is unique, we take a tailored approach to each project, emerging with a bespoke solution delivering on an organization’s digital and business goals. Contact us to set up a brief initial discussion to learn more about how FFW can specifically support your needs and goals during this time it matters most.

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