Remote Collaboration and Co-Development

Is the pandemic slowing FFW down?

FFW team of worldwide digital platform DXP experts

Remote Collaboration is in our DNARemote work is in our DNA

Our worldwide team of digital experts and strategists work seamlessly across time zones and countries. Which means it's always business hours at FFW, and nothing stops us from serving our clients. After all, we exist to ensure nothing stops our clients' web platforms from providing the best digital experience possible.


Experienced advice for managing remote teams 

Managing a remote team requires a different approach. This can be difficult to navigate, especially for those companies suddenly thrown into this environment. At FFW, remote collaboration is a large part of who we are.

We created the following content to help companies succeed in this new environment, with best practices and considerations we've learned along the way. Each of these articles are tailored to managing remote teams within specific functions or departments. 

See why some of the world's biggest brands trust FFW to ensure constant progress on their digital platforms

Continuous development keeps progress paddling

Supporting your long-term growth so you never stop improving. No matter what challenges may come.

Many world-class brands have maintained constant web platform improvements with our Continuous Development service, but there's been no better time for companies to consider this option than now. We're in a challenging time. Companies are constantly encountering new hurdles likely to impede their goals set at the beginning of the year. But our Continuous Development service can ensure the goals for improving your web infrastructure don't slow down or go on hold.

At FFW, we believe the show must go on - for us, and our clients who we exist to serve.

Connect with us to see how we can make sure you never have to sacrifice progress, no matter what hurdles come your way.

We needed a partner that was going to be in the foxhole with us. We felt FFW was that partner, and we chose right.

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Helping Educational Institutions Create Seamless Remote Learning Experiences

Drupal 8 Training

We develop digital experience platforms to create immersive online experiences and seamless collaboration abilities for some of the biggest brands in the world. But perhaps there’s no better application of this service than with educational institutions. Whether traditional or online, these organizations’ purpose is rooted in immersive communication, and accessible content and idea sharing.

Now more than ever, many learning organizations are currently grappling with a sudden need for remote learning capability. Below is one example of many such solutions we’ve delivered. 

Worldview Stanford: Creating An Immersive and Collaborative Online Learning Experience

FFW built a new digital identity and platform that helped Worldview Stanford expand their capabilities, foster a more immersive and collaborative experience, and increase demand for new online courses. 


  • Worldview Stanford needed a new digital identity and website for its online program
  • Participants had difficulty finding the tools needed to engage with Worldview’s courses
  • Need to share content and lessons in a direct and engaging manner


  • Worldview’s online program now has multiple courses with more participants
  • Site now has advanced note-taking and individualized progress tracking
  • According to Worldview, our efforts have helped increase a demand for new courses
  • FFW received Acquia’s Partner Site of the Year award for our work

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