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GDPR Principles, Rights and Penalties

Thought by Tassos Koutlas, UK Technical Director
On a previous blogpost, I discussed what GDPR is and gave a high level introduction of the concepts. In this blog post we will dive a bit deeper on the principles, rights and penalties imposed.
November 21, 2017

How to Build Better Data Protection

Thought by Leigh Anderson, Sr. Marketing Communication Specialist

Your data security is only as good as your policies and systems. As new laws come into play and news breaks daily about security vulnerabilities, concerns are on the rise.

Learn What You Need to Know About GDPR

Thought by Leigh Anderson, Sr. Marketing Communication Specialist

GDPR becomes law in just over seven months. Will your organization be ready in time for the new legislation?

November 1, 2017

Protect Your Website with Our New Drupal Security Guide

Thought by Krista Trovato, Quality Assurance Manager

Your Drupal website is done, it looks the way you want it to, and it has all of the functionality required, right? Wrong! Often, people finish what looks like a complete Drupal site without giving a second thought to security.

November 3, 2015