Data & Analytics

Data Services

Measurement, Insight, Action.

The only time your data should be MIA.

FFW services

We don’t just make data trackable,
we make data usable.

Measure the right KPIs and draw meaningful conclusions about user behavior. Use data to evaluate the efficacy of your content, your experiences, your technology stack, and your systems.

Measurement Services

Measure, modify, repeat. Understand not just what’s happening, but why, and use data to drive iterative improvements on your platform.

Data Strategy & Consulting

Analytics Engineering

Infrastructure Audits & Testing

Reporting Services

Tell meaningful stories to your stakeholders and teams. Reporting services help you pull together clear information for visualizing and responding to your users’ behavior.

Data Analysis

Dashboards & Visualizations

Automated Reporting

Action Services

Continuous experimentation and personalization to ensure the experiences you provide achieve maximum impact for every user.

A/B and Multivariate Testing

Data-Driven Personalization

Search Optimization

Make data work for you

Experience Services

Technology Services