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Introducing Material Design Lite (MDL)

Thought by Alex Khlopkov, Drupal Developer -a library of components & templates in vanilla CSS, HTML and JS.

September 1, 2015

The 'Real' jQuery Autocomplete for Korean Language.

Thought by Artem Dotsenko, Drupal Developer

Why 'real' and what’s wrong with jQuery autocomplete for Korean language? The problem is that jQuery autocomplete handles the Korean language in the same way as any other language.

My First Drupal Commit - Part Three

Thought by Tim Green, Drupal Developer & QA Engineer

Welcome back! The last post in this series got you set up and ready to contribute and took you through step 1. Today we'll take a look at steps 2 to 4.

My First Drupal Commit - Part Two

Thought by Tim Green, Drupal Developer & QA Engineer

Today I’m going to dive deeper into step 1, but before I do that, you'll want to make sure you have a certain minimal tool set installed on your machine. Most if not all of these are free or shareware, and in some cases are absolutely necessary to get the job done.

VM - Part Five: Cleanup and Troubleshooting

Thought by Tess Flynn, Drupal Developer

Cleaning up is one of the advantages of working with VMs over a bare metal install. Since everything is in the disk image files, we only need to delete the VM. Vagrant provides two commands for this purpose:

Matt Korostoff Talks REST and SOAP

Thought by FFW,

This talk was given at Drupal Camp Baltimore 2014. In it, I discuss REST and (briefly) SOAP APIs built with Drupal. I give a number of hands on examples using Views Datasource, RESTful Web Services (restws), and the Services module.

Two Drupal 8 Core Bugs: Found and Fixed

Thought by Jesus Manuel Olivas, Drupal 8 Solutions Engineer

While working on the console project I have found (so far) two Drupal 8 core bugs. In this blog post I will explain how I found these bugs and what I have done to fix them.

October 30, 2014