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FFW Center of Excellence

Class Descriptions

Classes - Private and Subscription

FFW Center of Excellence classes and workshops are designed to help organizations achieve success by building deep competency around important concepts and specific needs. Classes are grouped by functional topic areas and organized into three different tracks.

Classes are available privately or through Individual or Team subscriptions.

  • Business classes are geared to preparing marketing and business teams for Drupal Adoption, site management and project delivery.
  • Transition classes help technical teams build understanding and specific skills around the most common development tasks.
  • Advanced classes build expertise in architecting complex web solutions leveraging the full Drupal platform


Zen and the Art of Site Building (Business, Transition)

(2 days, divided into 4 sessions)

Understanding and creating confidence building websites with Drupal. This is an introductory class for non-technical and technical personnel.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Themers (Transition)

(2 days, divided into 4 sessions)

An overview of the major differences between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 theming layers and Drupal 8 file organization. Participants learn the basic twig syntax including output variables and how to use filters. Beginning with Classy and Stable base themes, users will be able to apply what they learn to other themes and create new custom themes. By the end of the class participants will be able to understand, develop, configure, and deploy Drupal 8 themes.

Getting Modules Done – The Art of Stress Free Backend Development (Transition)

(2 days, divided into 4 sessions)

The hands-on training will guide you in the process of building modules for Drupal 8, leveraging object-oriented techniques, modern PHP functionality such as namespaces and dependency injection, and new concepts introduced with Drupal 8 including the routing system, the configuration system, and plugins. During the workshop, students will create a custom module and other components by using various APIs, plugins, and hooks.


Site Building

Discovering Discovery (Business, 4 hrs)

Participants explore fundamental Discovery process and examine strategies for effective implementation within real-world constraints. Participants will discuss active, critical and iterative questioning methods, stakeholder engagement, success metrics and discovery outcomes such as Scopes of Work, functional specifications, user stories and user acceptance.

Awesome Hybrid Project Management (Business, 4 hrs)

What do you need to know about project management and Drupal to help you manage more successfully? This class is designed to help participants understand all the stages of Drupal project development and how to support teams to deliver the best possible outcomes. Among the topics discussed will be: project management methodologies and tools including ticketing and resource management applications such as Jira, phases of a Drupal project, how to build project work plans, how to align your project plan with, development best practices, development workflow and coding standards, tips for finding Drupal talent, better design and UX, and effective content strategy, what Drupal 8 means for project managers and others.

Jeopardy! - 10 Easy Ways to Sink Your Project (Business, 2 hrs)

Whether you are building a new site, updating an old one or maintaining an existing property there are many wrong choices that can undermine your investment and hinder your ability to adjust to changing business drivers. This class examines typical pitfalls and the pressures that cause organizations to run straight into pitfalls they can’t easily escape. Topics discussed include user stories, specifications, feature creep, project management budgeting, resource allocation and other.

Drupal 8 Entities, Blocks, Views and a Little Bit of Plug-Ins (Business, Transition, 4 hrs)

Future-proof your data structure by learning the ins and outs of Drupal’s key content and display systems.

The Perils and Payoffs of Drupal Multi-sites (Business, Transition, 2 hrs)

Understand the decision making factors behind this powerful architecture.

Front-end Development

Managing CSS and JavaScript files in Drupal 8 with Libraries (Transition, 2 hrs)

In this class we will cover how to create and control libraries from a theme. This will include SMACSS categorization for CSS files, dependencies, how to conditionally attach libraries, manipulating libraries that come from anywhere in a site (core, modules, or base themes,) and targeting individual files for removal or replacement. All this without needing a single line of PHP.

Progressively Decoupling with Drupal and Your Favorite Front-end Technology (Advanced, 4 hrs)

From leveraging an agency proof of concept to accelerating back end development, learn the benefits and considerations of decoupling Drupal from its native theming engine.

Theming with Enterprise Style Guides (Transition, 2 hrs)

Speed development by getting design off the canvas and onto all your screens.

Essential SEO, Marketing Automation and Analytics (Transition, 2 hrs)

Tapping Drupal’s potential to reach and understand markets.

Development and Dev Ops

Improving your CI Development Workflow (Transition,2 hrs)

Continuous Integration doesn't just happen. No matter how good your local development workflow is, a careful plan to standardize and verify adherence to critical development and security policies is an essential part of strengthening your CI Development Workflow. This class will provide an overview of CI best practices and cover items such as:

  • Routine tasks and opportunities for automation
  • Static code analysis and automated testing
  • Scheduling jobs and deployment automation
  • Hosting options including machine vs container based choices
  • Actual project use cases

Best of Breed – The Modern Developer’s Toolkit (Transition, 2 hrs)

There's a lot more to a modern, efficient developer's workflow than just a working WAMP or MAMP stack. This class has been designed to help you come up to speed on new local development technologies and trends and to help you decide what's best for your work. These new technologies can radically change your work flow. This class will cover:

  • Application architecture overview and options for local stacks
  • Version control including Github / Bitbucket
  • IDEs and other tools
  • Debugging strategies and practices

Architecture & Best Practices

Getting Personal with Personalization (Transition, 2 hrs)

Understand the basic underpinnings of modern real-time personalization strategies for effective websites.

Security, Performance, Accessibility and Privacy in Drupal 8 (Transition, 2 hrs)

Each of these key areas of web practice can pose extreme risks to stakeholders and website visitors. Begin to deepen your understanding of these critical areas with a deep dive into each topic and how Drupal 8 effects your development planning.

Higher ROI with High Quality Quality Assurance Engineering and Testing (Advanced, 2 hrs)

The essentials concepts and skills behind building a QA process that will improve your bottom line and customer satisfaction.

Technical Workshops

Make It So Workshops (Transition, Advanced)

(available in 4 hour increments)

Built around the topic of your choice, Make It So technical workshops are FFW’s solution to the firehose method of in-service staff training. Technical workshops are custom configured around the strengths and needs of various teams and taught by experienced developers and trainers. Workshops can be organized around class material, issue queues, backlogs or other business drivers and scheduled at intervals to accommodate pre-existing schedules and provide time for reflection and practice.

Acquia Certification Workshops (Transition, Advanced)

(1 day, may be broken into 4 hour increments)

Help your team prepare for Acquia’s industry leading certification program with test prep classes for the Site Builder, Front End and Back End Developer exams. FFW has the largest number of Acquia certified developers of any professional Drupal development agency. Your team will benefit from the same test prep regimen followed by FFW developers.