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Technology Training is Hard

Training Subscriptions are Easy

The Subscription Program

Our Center of Excellence Training and Adoption Subscriptions have been designed to help make training easy and effective. The mainstay of our subscriptions are live on-line classes with developers who live and breath technology every day and have extensive training experience. Classes are prescheduled at different times to accommodate different time zones and work schedules and are organized by experience level and subject area.

Each participant receives their own account in our Learning Management System that helps them keep track of training resources, exercises and session dates. Sessions are recorded so they can be repeated and participants can even retake live sessions if they have questions. 


Individuals or organizations may purchase a subscription for a single individual for $125 per month, that's an annual cost of $1,500 payable monthly by credit card to access all our scheduled classes. Cancel at any time.

Organizations may purchase a team subscription for up to 12 members for an annual cost of $5,000 payable monthly by credit card or invoiced annually to access all our scheduled classes for everyone on the team. Cancel at any time.

All subscriptions include:

  • 1 day of training per month from Fundamentals in Site Building, Front End and Module Development
  • scheduled Bench Building Classes in site building, front end and back end development, dev ops, architecture and best practices
  • monthly drop-in office hours
  • view our course catalog and click on 'Subscribe' for Individual Level access to all our classes and schedules
  • sign up here for an Individual Subscription

Team subscriptions also include:

  • three hours of adoption consulting or training planning per quarter tailored to your organization’s needs
  • monthly online ‘brown bag’ sessions on innovative technology trends and products
  • contact us at or call 732-792-6566 to sign up for Team Level access to all our classes and schedules
  • sign up here for a Team Subscription


For class descriptions and times see our upcoming class listing.

FFW Center of Excellence classes are designed to help organizations achieve success by building deep competency around important concepts and specific needs. Classes are grouped by functional topic areas and organized into three different tracks.

  • Business classes are geared to preparing marketing and business teams for Drupal Adoption, site management and project delivery.
  • Transition classes help technical teams build understanding and specific skills around the most common development tasks.
  • Advanced classes build expertise in architecting complex web solutions leveraging the full Drupal platform.


  • The EU's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & How to Comply
  • Cross Platform API Strategies to Transform Your Customer Experience
  • Content Audit Strategies to Improve Visitor Journeys
  • UX Audit Strategies to Improve SEO and Conversion
  • Accessibility Audit Strategies to Improve Continuous Compliance
  • Security Audit Strategies to Protect Your Data
  • Performance Audit Strategies to Speed up Your Success


  • Zen and the Art of Site Building
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Themers
  • Getting Modules Done – The Art of Stress Free Backend Development

Bench Building:

  • Discovering Discovery
  • Awesome Hybrid Project Management
  • Jeopardy! - 10 Easy Ways to Sink Your Project
  • Drupal 8 Entities, Blocks, Views and a Little Bit of Plug-Ins
  • The Perils and Payoffs of Drupal Multi-sites
  • Managing CSS and JavaScript files in Drupal 8 with Libraries
  • Progressively Decoupling with Drupal and Your Favorite Front-end Technology
  • Theming with Enterprise Style Guides
  • Essential SEO, Marketing Automation and Analytics
  • Building a Modern CI Development Workflow
  • Best of Breed – The Modern Developer’s Toolkit
  • Getting Personal with Personalization
  • Security, Performance, Accessibility and Privacy in Drupal 8
  • Drupal for Content Creators
  • Higher ROI with High Quality Quality Assurance Engineering and Testing

All classes are available to subscribers. 

Individual Signup             Team Signup

For information about private training classes or custom training please call 732-792-6566 or email us at