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Easier Ticketing for Better Events


A new responsive Drupal site built to ease the ticket transaction process for users offers flexibility and customization. Crafted by FFW™.

Venuepoint is a ticket retailer that aims to make purchasing tickets online easier and more convenient. They are owned by Nordisk Film, the oldest continuously active film studio in the world, and they are a part of the Egmont Group, one of Scandinavia’s leading media groups. Venuepoint believes in partnering with their clients to provide ongoing customer service and consistent training for their marketing employees. 

The Pressure’s On

Venuepoint was anticipating the relaunch of three of their Nordic ticket booking sites. They needed information about each event, and for us to implement their new designs using responsive design to make the ticket purchasing process easier. We had a tight deadline for this process because the website needed to handle hundreds of simultaneous requests as quickly as possible.

Speedy Recovery

Venuepoint’s servers deal with heavy peak traffic loads, so while building the new site we placed emphasis on performance and architecture. We used Drupal 7 to craft a site that could handle hundreds of requests quickly and smoothly and also work on mobile devices. We added a number of third party integrations like a new banner that attracts visitors to sponsored content and a module that features special offers for tickets related to the event. The Drupal system offered flexibility within the site that allowed customization for each event, pages displaying merchandise for artists on tour, and filtering and viewing options for almost every aspect of the website.

VenuepointVenuepoint mobile

Easy, Fast, and New 

The software solution is built to ease the ticket transaction process for any venue, promoter, producer or organization anywhere in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Users can now log in and create accounts, mark events as favorites, receive notifications about upcoming events, filter event criteria, sign up for newsletters, and connect to Venuepoint’s social media platforms. Users can also see other events that might interest them, which can be removed from individual events. Venues, organizers, and artists can use a custom theme for their pages by changing the colors of the content modules, text, and icons. The new site is customizable, flexible, and easy to use for both the user and the administrator.

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