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WomenLift Health

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Digital Strategy

The challenges in global health are too big and too complex to leave half the talent sitting on the sidelines,” Michele Barry (Founder of WomenLift Health)

WomenLift Health is an organization with a mission to expand the power and influence of talented women in global health, and catalyze systemic change to achieve gender equality in leadership.

Developing WomenLift Health’s first website was an important challenge, as the platform would serve as a core communications channel. Together, we created a digital platform to elevate the voices and profiles of women, share perspectives from a diverse range of influencers, and educate and reach target stakeholders on a global level,  even in areas with limited bandwidth. We accomplished all this while saving substantial development costs.

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Clever integrations vs. costly development work

As a new organization, WomenLift Health required lightweight, flexible tools to provide a solid foundation for its growth. Creative and inexpensive integrations were one way we enabled WomenLift Health to really take ownership of its own site and essentially self-serve to further reduce costs. 

Elementor page builder: Page building tool that allows content authors the ability to structure the page with many options. Allows power over design and functionality on any given page. 

Airtable:  Airtable makes it easy to make forms and input into a database, allowing WomenLift Health to take in new contacts for events as well track participation in its Leadership Journey program.

Embedded react application: Provides a robust filter to search for content and articles. 

over original partnership acquisition goal
continues to broaden, particularly in West Africa and Southeast Asia
over original goal for participants in WomenLift Health events

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