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Great Examples Of Distributed Content Management In Media And Entertainment

Thought by Hank VanZile, Director, Pre-Sales Consulting
Most media and entertainment companies are operating a large portfolio of sites, making it easy to see the need for a solid Distributed Content Management strategy.

Simplify local development with Drude

Thought by David Hernandez, Manager of Learning and Contributions

As one of the largest Drupal agencies in the world FFW is no stranger to problems of scale. With large numbers of technical staff, clients, and concurrent projects, workflow management is vitally important to our work.

May 04, 2016

Be global. Act local. The story behind GE Energy Connections’ transition to lean marketing.

Thought by Brent Bice, Sr. Account Executive
In 2012, GE Energy split into three distinct businesses: GE Power, GE Oil & Gas, and GE Energy Connections. Each reporting earnings separately. Each with their own strategic initiatives. Each needing their own websites focused on regional and product-specific content. A look at GE Energy Connections' transition to lean digital marketing, and FFW's collaboration on design and development to support that new strategy.

Drupal Console: An Overview of the New Drupal CLI

Thought by Jesus Manuel Olivas, Drupal 8 Solutions Engineer

Drupal Console is the new CLI (Command Line Interface) for Drupal. This tool can help you to generate boilerplate code, as well as interact with, and debug Drupal 8. From the ground up, it is built to utilize the same modern PHP practices that have been adopted in Drupal 8.

April 21, 2016

Great Examples Of Distributed Content Management In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Thought by Hank VanZile, Director, Pre-Sales Consulting
Pharmaceutical companies need to provide correct, approved content to both healthcare professionals and consumers across all digital properties, which can mean hundreds, or potentially even thousands, of websites and channels globally.

Great Examples Of Distributed Content Management In Higher Education

Thought by Hank VanZile, Director, Pre-Sales Consulting
With a multitude of colleges, schools, and departments to account for, distributed content management is an important part of an effective digital strategy for higher education institutions. This post covers three common use cases for universities.

Web Personalization Prerequisites: Identifying Audience Segments

Thought by Dave Sawyer, Solutions Architect
With real-time personalization, segments are typically based on criteria that can either be automatically detected, or determined from previously gathered user data.

What Is Distributed Content Management?

Thought by Hank VanZile, Director, Pre-Sales Consulting

If you ask a group of experienced Drupal users “Is Drupal a good choice for distributed content management?” the majority will likely answer yes.  Ask those same people “What exactly is distributed content management?” and answers won’t be nearly so definitive.