Scale your content operations with Acquia Drupal Cloud

Scale your content operations with Acquia Drupal Cloud

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Kayla Eidenbrook
Thought byKayla Eidenbrook
September 01, 2020

Acquia Drupal Cloud is a content platform built to help users rapidly create content at scale.

Content creation is hardly a one-person show. If only it were so easy! Creating, and publishing, meaningful content customers care about requires the combined talents of IT, marketing, and designers. All of whom have their own wishlists for features and tools to help perform their jobs more effectively.

IT requires functionality and security. Designers desire more creative freedom and brand governance and consistency (Please no more incorrect font usage!) And marketers want it to be easy and painless, so they can keep the content flowing.

Catering to everyone’s wishes hasn’t always been so simple, however. The choice was often between a traditional CMS and custom page development to try and make everyone happy. Acquia Drupal Cloud is a content platform created to provide the best of both worlds, giving each team what they’re looking for. 

Acquia Drupal Cloud solves some of the biggest struggles with content creation

  • The inability to move fast enough
  • Heavy reliance and pressure on technical teams (IT/dev) to deliver apps or experiences
  • The teams relied on for content (marketers, IT, developers, designers) all have different needs
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Rapid content creation that doesn’t miss a beat

When the pandemic caused tsunami-like waves in our everyday lives, was your content able to stay afloat and quickly pivot to meet the new emotional landscape of your audience, or did you feel more like Leo DiCaprio at the end of Titanic, clinging to that floating door for dear life?

Acquia Drupal Cloud speeds up the output of content by eliminating silos that keep it locked in one place, with benefits tailoring to departments content is dependent on. 

Benefits for developers and technical teams

  • API first approach, so apps are up and running in days or weeks (not months)
  • Drupal-tuned infrastructure and full suite of products 
  • Efficiencies in cost of ownership

Benefits for marketing and content creation teams

  • Low code tools for non technical teams to have more control over content creation
  • Reusable content and components
  • Packaged, shareable services

Each department can have their own content needs fulfilled, without having to make sacrifices. 

Let’s not forget about the most important part -- customer experience

Rapid content creation doesn’t mean a thing if it’s inaccurate, inconsistent, or not something customers care about. The main focus on Acquia Drupal Cloud is how it can better equip organizations to create content that actually improves the customer experience. Content should be consistent, build trust, be engaging, and present itself with fluidly optimized designs across all experience touchpoints; regardless of screen, device, or channel. Acquia Drupal Cloud can help your content accomplish that.

Getting started with Acquia Drupal Cloud

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Acquia Drupal Cloud’s capabilities. FFW can help you strategically look at how it can specifically help your organization, and help you with the implementation. Contact us to get started.

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