GE Energy Management

GE Energy Management: 6 Websites, 3 Businesses, 1 New Online Presence

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A new website delivered on-time and under-budget for GE Energy Management helped display products better, reduce cost, and improve security. Crafted by FFW™.

GE Energy Management had been restructured and separated into three businesses, and they needed a new online presence. GE Energy Management’s five segments required their own branded websites, but developing and maintaining six different websites (five segments and the general GE site) along with several other country-specific sites was expensive and inefficient. They needed easy code replication across sites, decreased hosting costs, and multi-site functionality. 

We were incredibly impressed with the team we worked with at FFW. We have built a relationship of trust, we respect their expertise, and they have managed all of our expectations extremely well.Holly Bounds, Digital Strategy Leader, GE Energy Management

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Fresh and New

We modernized GE Energy Management’s web presence by creating a common aesthetic across all sites based on GE’s unified branding. The site design properly adjusts to display on various devices, like smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. We designed a fluid layout with clean design and new graphics, which helped to display the most important information on the site prominently. FFW installed calls to action to better organize the content of the pages and create a clear visual path for the eye. To ensure our work would last, we provided long-term maintenance of their websites, creative direction, migration management, and ongoing Drupal education for GE Energy Management’s staff.

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On Time and Under Budget

FFW delivered a website on time and under budget for GE Energy Management, and we also provided the professional presentation the website needed. GE Energy Management is now able to display their products in an accessible way on multiple devices. Content managers received training from FFW Drupal experts, so they were capable of making immediate changes to the new site. This freed up valuable internal IT resources, reduced the cost of hiring other agencies to make content changes, and improved security. After the site’s rollout, FFW took over all site maintenance, and now GE Energy Management only requires the services of one IT company for all their website development needs.

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Increase in click-through rate
Increase in lead conversion
Business units served by one platform