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February 14, 2017

DrupalCon Baltimore As a Digital Leadership Conference

Thought by Ray Saltini, Director, FFW Center of Excellence
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For the third year running, FFW is proud to be a Diamond sponsor of the annual North American DrupalCon, which happens this year on April 24 in Baltimore. This post is the first in a series of news and information about how to get the most out of your DrupalCon Baltimore experience.

What’s the big deal about DrupalCon?

This is a question we ask ourselves every year. It’s an important question for any organization supporting a major event. The best answer we can give you is that after years of participating, we've stopped looking at DrupalCon as a trade show. Instead, we think of DrupalCon as a digital leadership conference. Here are just two reasons you should too.

1. DrupalCon Baltimore is about more than just Drupal

Every year (two to three times a year, in fact) leaders in the field of web applications come together at DrupalCon to share their progress and discuss how to create more and better solutions for industry, media, services, government, communities, the arts, and more. While most of these solutions involve Drupal, they also focus on allied technologies and the problems themselves. These discussions are about creating solutions in each of these sectors, not just in Drupal itself. There will be as much expertise at DrupalCon Baltimore in these different verticals as there are experts in Drupal.

2. DrupalCon benefits everyone, not just attendees

Each DrupalCon generates a body of work around recent trends, case studies and best practices. This work is then shared openly not just with individuals who paid to attend but with the entire planet. By my count, the Drupal Association made at least 100 hours of material available on its YouTube channel for just DrupalCon North America in New Orleans in 2016 alone.

This goes to the very heart of leadership not just within the Drupal community but in all the verticals for which Drupal supports. That’s why we think of DrupalCon as a technology solutions leadership conference.

That’s the big deal about sponsoring DrupalCon.

As a premier provider of creative strategy and technology solutions for a global brands and innovators, FFW is committed to fostering the leadership that will help us all find new, better and more accessible solutions to every challenge imaginable. We hope you'll join us at DrupalCon, and come say hello to us in sessions, at sprints, and on the exhibit hall floor.

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