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October 24, 2018

FFW and Panasonic North America Won an Acquia Engage 2018 Award

Thought by Leigh Anderson, Sr. Marketing Communication Specialist
Image of laptop, phone, and ipad display Panasonic North America's new website

FFW is pleased to announce that we've won an Acquia Engage Award for the work we did on behalf of our client, Panasonic North America, to help ensure its online solution was just as transformative as Panasonic's many incredible real-world innovations.

Panasonic North America has been paving the way for digital transformation within the entire organization of Panasonic, and it has been an honor to help the Panasonic team realize their digital goals. FFW integrated Panasonic North America's new Drupal 8 platform with a full suite of martech tools including Marketo marketing automation, Acquia Lift personalization, Mulesoft integration, Salesforce CRM, and the Atlassian suite of project management tools such as JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Service Desk, and more.

The new platform is built using an API-first approach, which FFW and Panasonic North America have presented at both DrupalCon and in recorded webinars. The entire new site is transforming the way that Panasonic North America does business, and marks a shift in Panasonic North America’s approach to its organizational culture. The new platform provides added emphasis on collaboration and testing for the Panasonic North America team, and embraces a philosophy of innovation that has driven Panasonic since its founding in 1918.

FFW is proud to have partnered with Panasonic North America through the process of identifying opportunities for transformation, designing and creating this new platform, and sharing the word about the amazing new solution that the team has pioneered. This was a project full of hard work by everyone involved, and we're glad to see it recognized as a world-class platform for innovation and digital transformation.

To see some of the amazing work that FFW and Panasonic North America have done with Drupal, check out our joint recorded webinar: “Panasonic: Serving Diverse Business Needs With One Drupal Platform.”


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