DrupalCon Minneapolis 2020

Visit Us At DrupalCon 2020!

FFW DrupalCon 2020 Session

We hope to see you at this year's DrupalCon in Minneapolis, MN! Stop by FFW's booth (#715) for a chance to win a VR system or the DrupalCon-famous Drupalopoly board. 

What sessions are you most excited for this year? Our session will dive into the secrets of successfully collaborating as one team:

Codevelopment: The secret sauce of a successful agency/client hybrid team
Once a development agency has handed off the finished web product, it’s up to the client to take ownership of their new platform. How can agencies and clients work together to make sure that this handoff and subsequent management is successful? 

In this session we'll discuss the partnership between client and agency and how a constant practice of learning and sharing between the two means that everyone is always getting the maximum value out of their skill sets.

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