”hvv switch Punkte” go digital

”hvv switch Punkte” go digital

Stefanie Bilen
Thought byStefanie Bilen
June 08, 2021
”hvv switch Punkte” go digital

The locations of Hamburg's mobility stations are now also visible in the app that was developed by Cellular. This makes the switch from using an owned car to shared mobility services such as car sharing and public transport in the Hamburg metropolitan region even more attractive.

As of this week, the nearly 80 so-called mobility points of Hamburger Hochbahn AG have been integrated into the “hvv switch”app. The new feature not only makes the car-sharing parking spaces at tube stations and in residential areas digitally visible, but users can also check whether they are available or occupied. For this purpose, all mobility points were equipped with parking space sensors.

The mobility points are exclusive parking spaces that, as a supplementary service of Hamburger Hochbahn AG, create an additional incentive to do without an owned car. The integration into the app makes the switch from private cars to shared mobility services even more convenient: car-sharing customers no longer need to search for a parking lot, because the vehicle can be parked directly at one of the “hvv switch” points. The points are located in Hamburg's residential neighborhoods or directly at the stations of Hamburger Hochbahn AG. They  are currently available to all customers of Sixt Share, Share Now and Cambio.

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With this offer, Hamburger Hochbahn AG, in cooperation with Cellular as a development partner, is adding another feature to the “hvv switch” app. Only in mid-May, the company Sixt had been depth-integrated with the car-sharing service Sixt Share. In addition, the ridepooling provider Moia and public transport connections in the Hamburg metropolitan region can be booked.

Hamburger Hochbahn AG and Cellular are working at full speed to integrate additional services into the “hvv switch” platform and apps before the ITS* World Mobility Congress in Hamburg in fall 2021, including e-scooters and other car-sharing companies. The best-price system "Check in, be out" under the name HVV Any is also to be launched this summer. Users of the app will no longer have to actively buy tickets, but simply check in on their first trip. The app recognizes all of the changes of vehicle and calculates the cheapest ticket at the end of the day.

*With its “hvv switch” mobility platform, Hamburger Hochbahn AG is the only public transport initiative to be a project partner of the "National Platform for the Future of Mobility" and is supported by federal funding. That is why it will be presented as a showcase project at the ITS Mobility World Congress in October 2021. Hamburger Hochbahn AG implements “hvv switch” for the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV).