5 Questions to Ask Before Building a Drupal Multisite

Many organizations struggle with multiplying websites, each with different technologies and quirks that leave teams frustrated and feeling totally out-of-control.

Fortunately, there are solutions to simplify the process of deploying and managing multiple similar websites, though they come with their own specific challenges. This eBook shares information about determining what your multisite needs are: 

Mapping a strategy

A strategy for managing existing sites and deploying new ones is crucial. Without this strategy, every new site must be built individually, leading to large amounts of individualized functionality and skyrocketing maintenance costs.

Determining feature requirements

It's important from the outset is to think about the feature differences between your sites, so that you understand how they may differ as well as how they’ll overlap. This will help you determine the level of flexibility you need.

Preparing for growth

Plan in the context of short-term (the next six months), medium-term (six months to two years), and long-term (two to five years) decisions

Download the eBook:

Cover of Drupal multisite ebook