Acquia Engage - What a journey!

Acquia Engage - What a journey!

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Thought bySuzy Tigwell
July 02, 2018
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Acquia Engage Conference happened at the Andaz Hotel, London earlier this summer. This blog has taken a while as they not only work hard but play very hard, and let’s say I’m getting too old for anything past 9pm!

As my first ever conference and being new to the digital world, I was struck by 3 key points:

  1. Acquia is full of amazing individuals that demonstrate their work and ethos around personalisation being reflected in user journeys. The Big Ideas in Digital Panel session joined by Virgin Sport, Bayer and Hiscox really opened my mind to how different the needs, goals and pace of change is very personal, which open source is so well suited to provide. Not everything is one size fits all!
  2. The importance of data and analytics, get the facts, analyse the data - don’t build on what you think, build on what you know.
  3. That journeys are unique and individual. Whether existing or new, advanced or basic, it is essential to capture each customer in the moment, their moment and help them find their way.  There is no one path for everyone. The product roadmap was cle demonstrated by Shannon Holmes and Simon Chapman of how you can apply Acquia’s solutions to your digital journey.

Only then can you build the right experience for the right people. For us to help you take your customers on this journey with Acquia, please contact us.