Choosing Drupal 8 for a Mobile-Friendly Site

Choosing Drupal 8 for a Mobile-Friendly Site

Leigh Anderson
Thought byLeigh Anderson
June 19, 2017
Drupal 8 for Mobile-Friendly Site

In November of 2016, mobile device web traffic surpassed desktop traffic for the first time ever... and that trend is only growing. With the majority of web traffic now coming from mobile devices, you can bet that if your site isn’t optimized for phones and tablets, you’re driving away potential customers.

The good news is that most decent content management systems come built in with tools and functionality to optimize responsive websites. When it comes to building a platform that spans devices of all sizes, at FFW we prefer to work with Drupal. Here’s why.

1. Drupal 8 is built with mobile in mind

Drupal 8 for Mobile-Friendly Website

The people who make Drupal aren’t just software developers: they’re web experts, and use Drupal to do their work every day. They understand how to make a website scale gracefully across devices, and have baked this knowledge into Drupal’s code to make it easier for people and organizations to run sites that provide a seamless user experience across devices.

2. Drupal 8 handles mobile content gracefully

Drupal 8 Handles Mobile Content

Drupal 8 has tools built in to help mobile devices handle content loading quickly. This means your audiences won’t waste their valuable time waiting around for your pages to load while they’re on the go. Smart data management and a rich ecosystem of modules means that your website can be optimized to load quickly on mobile devices, and design optimization can help you make sure that the most important messages are the first to appear on your mobile site.

3. Need to edit content on the go? Not a problem

Drupal 8 Edit Content on the Go

Drupal isn’t just mobile friendly for end-users. Drupal 8 was built to allow content editors to administer their site from mobile devices. For organizations in industries where time is of the essence, this means no more dashing to the computer when emergency updates need to be made. Content editors can easily and intuitively make changes to their sites, even on the small screens of their phones.

Want to learn more about building a mobile website, and designing a strategy for making the most of a mobile platform? Download our white paper Don’t Miss the Mark: Responsive Design & Content to learn more.